Your first step into the workplace of the future!

Connect your headset to your PC on a local network and get virtual monitors for each application window you have (instead of just the desktop). Create that huge multi-monitor setup you've always wanted but didn't get approval for.

Collaborate! Jump into 1:1 meetings. Say goodbye to video conferencing fatigue and say hello to the future of collaboration. Replace video with avatars that include head & hand tracking, spatialized audio, and lip sync. Share and draw on multiple screens (it's VR, you're not limited to just a small monitor anymore :) ) and create truly effective collaborative sessions.

Type with the virtual keyboard or pair a Bluetooth mouse/keyboard to your headset and really step up your productivity. Stay tuned for a LOT of major updates around input.

In-app Purchases

Remote Desktop Enhanced - $4.99 a month

It's cool to connect to your PC over your local network but you know what's even better? Connecting to your PC from anywhere! It doesn't matter if your PC is at the office and you're at home, or if your PC is a virtual machine in the cloud, you can connect to it from anywhere! This is the tool to get if you need to connect to your PC and need more monitor space than your 12" laptop screen gives you.
*Note both devices need to have access to a strong internet connection and that some restrictive firewalls may prevent a connection

Collaboration Enhanced - $5.99 a month

Video Conferencing fatigue is a thing, it takes a toll to prepare yourself, prepare the room around you, and to always be staring at your own video feed making sure you're presentable. vSpatial is the breath of fresh air you've been needing. Collaboration Enhanced let's you host meetings with up to 16 users. Replace video with Avatars that do head and hand tracking (for all your hand talkers) and spatialized audio so you know who is talking from what direction. We bring screen sharing to the next level by taking advantage of this new virtual world and letting multiple people share multiple screens so you can have more effective collaboration sessions. Great for groups and small teams.

Virtual Webcam & Mic - $3.99 one time

We get it, you still need to join your Zoom, Slack, and GoTo meetings. The Virtual Webcam lets you share your Avatar in vSpatial as a webcam instead of your physical webcam. The Virtual Mic lets you send your Quest Mic as an input for Windows 10 that you can select for any of your preferred meeting software.


Coming Soon!

All Inclusive for bringing your office and work experience everywhere!

Includes Productivity Enhanced, Collaboration Enhanced, the Virtual Webcam & Mic, and more!


Includes everything in Pro, support, and access to our Software on Oculus for Business headsets

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