About Us

Our Vision

Help Humanity Work from Anywhere
What We Believe
While we love the work that we do and the benefits it brings others, we also love our own personal and family time and are passionate about our products reducing time and increasing productivity in the one (work) in order to give more to the other (self and family).  We also believe in the positive environmental effect of reducing or eliminating the commute for millions of workers as well as the positive societal effect of enabling work options for the forgotten millions who are tied to their homes for health or family reasons.
What We Make
We build the software for the virtual remote workplace of the future.  That virtual workplace replaces the drab brick and mortar offices and cubicles so despised by today’s office workers.  It combines a mobile Virtual Reality or Mixed Reality headset with Cloud-based virtual rooms and virtual machines to create an immersive experience unlike any other–from anywhere.  Our creation–the vSpatial Workplace consists of four key functions: 1) PRODUCTIVITY, 2) COLLABORATION, 3) TEAMING, and 4) PRESENTING.  Each of these functions is a unique immersive experience when compared to their traditional counterparts.

Our Team

Richard Platt
Founder | CEO | Chairman
Richard is the founder and CEO of vSpatial and directs all the development efforts of our development team. As a developer himself, he opportunistically dabbles in his first professional love of programming and design alongside the development team while making sure the overall designs are implemented in a way that can scale for the largest enterprises. Among his other ventures prior to founding vSpatial, Richard was the technical founder of Selsius Systems which was acquired by Cisco Systems in 1998 for $150M. Under his engineering leadership at Cisco, these original Selsius products became the Cisco Call Manager and Cisco IP Phone lines which today are a multi-billion dollar business for Cisco. Richard went on to function as a VP/GM at Cisco for a new business venture focused on small business products which he helped grow from $0 to $200M over 3 years. Richard is an author/co-author of many patents in the field of networking and communications.
Joel Fontenot
Chief Strategy Officer
Joel joins vSpatial from Reditus Equity, an early stage, high growth technology investing and consulting firm. Mr. Fontenot’s unique insights have been gained from his experience in commercial banking, technology investing and operating early-stage companies. He has held Board and Executive operating roles at Koupon, SpawnLabs, and a number of other companies. Most relevant to vSpatial is his leadership at Metreos, the first voice development platform that was sold to Cisco. Joel holds a B.A. Economics from The University of Texas at Austin and an M.B.A. from Southern Methodist University.
David Tucker
Co-Founder | Board Member
David was the co-founder of Selsius Systems and as its CEO guided it through a successful acquisition by Cisco Systems where he functioned as a vice-president. He is recognized throughout the industry as an expert in telecommunications, IP networking infrastructures, sales and marketing, and building profitable business models. David is an innovative and highly focused technology business leader who assembles and leads top talent to leverage technology transitions and winning business value.  David has a proven track record of recognizing business technical opportunities and building organizations to capture market share and lead the industry. David is also known for building loyal and productive teams, that are highly motivated to win.
Mike Sharp
Board Member
Michael is a co-founder of Jive Communications and as its Chief Operations Officer and Chief Product Officer helped guide it through startup to a successful acquisition by LogMeIn. He is known as a brilliant and committed innovator in unified communications. Michael has a knack for quickly analyzing complex problems to determine what’s at issue and then making decisions that bring positive change in the future.
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