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vSpatial x Deutsche Telekom x Qualcomm

vSpatial just joined Deutsche Telekom's tech incubator Hubraum & Qualcomm's Snapdragon Spaces. Together we'll explore the future of work with 5G and XR. Stay tuned to see how we help you work from anywhere with the latest AR headsets.

Work anywhere with vSpatial. Productivity and Collaboration Toolsets for the Virtual Workspace.

server in a virtual cloud with a PC tower
Your First Steps into the Workspace
of the Future
Jump into vSpatial for free and connect your headset to your PC to get virtual monitors for each application window you have. Create that multi-monitor setup you've always wanted!

Replace video conference fatigue with a truly virtual collaboration experience featuring avatars, spatial audio, and multi screen sharing.
New Enhanced Virtual Tools
New In-App Purchases include:
Remote Desktop Enhanced: your PC can be at the office while you're at home, or your PC could be a virtual machine, you can connect from anywhere!

Collaboration Enhanced: Host meetings with up to 16 participants

Virtual Webcam and Mic: Virtual Webcam enables you to share your avatar as a webcam on your PC. Virtual Mic lets you use your Quest headset's Mic as an input for Windows 10.

The workplace you've dreamed of.

01      Work anywhere with unlimited monitors.

Work from anywhere with unlimited monitors.
Give your current workflow some space
Bring your desktop screens into your virtual office, and give them each an entire monitor.
Unite VR with your PC
Remote connectivity? Check. Bring your PC into your headset and broaden your access with virtual monitors.
Remote doesn't have to mean distant.

02      Remote doesn't have to mean distant.

It's possible to have your screens and your people too
Sometimes you need to focus on the people, sometimes it’s the content – but usually, it’s both. With vSpatial, you don’t have to pick one or the other.
Trade online calls
for a truly immersive workspace
Your team interacting like everyone’s together. Because they are.

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