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Attention current users:

In conjunction with our latest release, we've migrated our servers to better accommodate new functionality. This is only good news for you as it relates to our offering! But it will require that you sign in again at all touchpoints, including remote devices.

Check out our Pricing page for more details.

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Now Available on the Meta Quest Pro!
vSpatial never looked better. Higher resolution, color passthrough, hand-tracking, eye-tracking, and even face-tracking all in a comfortable sleek package. Each new feature helps immerse you in the virtual world, while keeping you grounded to the real one.

The WorkPlace:
Productivity and Collaboration in a Virtual Workspace.

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When it comes to deploying to enterprise, we know it’s a complex world. That’s why we’ve partnered with Hewlett Packard Enterprise to build enterprise friendly deployments. Together, we’ve architected vSpatial to meet your enterprise’s needs and can deploy to your own private cloud (on-prem, HPE Greenlake, Azure, AWS, etc). Click here to get more information.
The Future of Work
vSpatial is the bridge between the workforce of today and the future of work for all.  As teams and industries begin to embrace a virtual landscape, from remote-work products, to the immersive experiences of XR, they’ll use the solutions we are building, to help them work with familiar tools, and connect with familiar faces.  This immersive environment places you at the center of your world, and surrounds you with interactive items, such as virtual screens and personas. Wherever you live, wherever you go, you can have everything you need, all in one place.

Give your current Workflow some Space

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Work Zones
WorkSpace has Everything you need
Your virtual office is the hub that organizes all your resources together into a comprehensive canvas. Applications and desktop screens can be organized and interacted with, quickly and intuitively. Your optimized environment ensures that everything you need is within reach, or at a glance, so you can make the most of the space all around you.  Whether you work in Mixed Reality, or immerse yourself in Virtual Reality, there’s no limit to the number of ways the WorkSpace can improve your world.
Connect to Remote Resources
Connect instantly to your remote computers, or to Virtual PCs, with vSpatial’s secure cloud. And soon, you won't need a headset to benefit from vSpatial's powerful interface. The vWaas browser helps you connect to all the same remote devices, from something as simple as a tablet.
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Remote... doesn't have to mean Distant.

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TeamSpace brings you Together
vSpatial gives you the ability to directly access and interact with the people you depend on, no matter where each of you is located.  TeamSpace brings you together under one roof, where you can work near coworkers and benefit from the synergy of proximity.
Enhance your Meetings
When you want to better connect, just meet in the nearby Pitch, where sharing and discussions help you really collaborate. Throughout your day you'll be able to overhear any conversations taking place in the Pitch; clear enough to know if you want to chime in, but faint enough as to not be distracting while you work.
Team Pitch

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