Securely access your Windows 10, Windows 11, and macOS devices with just your browser.

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Step 1
Create an account in the vSpatial webapp.

Step 3
View your remote desktops or VMs from the browser of your choice.

Step 2
Download the remote desktop utility on the devices you want to access.

Registration is simple and secure - 2FA via your chosen email address.
Follow the installation instructions and login with your new account.
vSpatial uses the latest security protocols and standards to keep your remotes safe.
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We understand that security is a top priority of our customers and have built our platform on a foundation of enterprise-grade security. We use the latest technologies and best practices to protect your data. Our team has experience from some of the most respected companies in enterprise network security. This gives us a deep and unique understanding of network security and designing and implementing secure solutions.
1. User/Remote authentication: password-less using 2FA and globally accepted OpenID Connect Standards. We don’t use passwords – it’s safer and simpler!

2. Encryption/authentication everywhere on the networks: TLS, PKE, WebRTC encryption standards. Nothing traverses the network unencrypted.

3. Self-hosted Cloud: For businesses concerned about privacy and security with traditional as-a-service cloud offerings, vSpatial provides the option to self-host your own vSpatial XR Cloud.

The Immersive WorkSpace

John XR Desk
We started off as an immersive workspace app and that DNA still exists in our company as we build the future of work. We’ve built the vSpatial workspace to not just access your remotes in VR with HUGE virtual monitors, but we’ve also re-imagined how remote teams can have that in-office collaborative experience with our TeamSpace & EventSpace. Check it out here.

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