The vSpatial Workplace is a Go!

Early Access of the vSpatial Workplace is now available on the Oculus Store for the Oculus Go.  Highlights include:


  • Productivity: Remote Access to your PC (free version)
  • Collaboration: Up to four participants (free version)

The Workplace of the Future is Here

Productivity, Collaboration, Teaming and Presenting – all wrapped up in the vSpatial Workplace

Get the vSpatial Workplace










Productivity (On Virtual Steroids)

Infinite (almost) Monitors, Cloud Compute and Storage, Immersive 3D data

Collaboration (With the Team or Anybody)

Enhanced Security, Scheduled and Ad-hoc Meetings


Voice AI Messaging, Virtual Presence, 3D Messaging


Multi-presenter, Automatic Auditorium Sizing, Best seat-in-the-house

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