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!  Due to COVID-19, the vSpatial Workspace is Now-FREE!

Helping humanity work & learn from home

COVID-19 and the Now-Free

vSpatial Workspace

March 20, 2020

After working with almost 40k Early Access users over the last 18 months, and planning the vSpatial Immersive Workspace launch for the last 6 months, we expected to delight the world in late March, 2020 with our launch and paid subscriptions. However, we along with the rest of humanity have watched in profound shock as COVID-19 (in a few short months) has gone from a seemingly remote provincial concern to a global catastrophic pandemic that is now becoming very personal for much of humankind. vSpatial will join the valiant efforts to halt the spread of this virus. Consequently, our newly launched vSpatial Immersive Workspace is now available completely for free.

vSpatial will not charge a single cent for even premium features. Software for all platforms is now available including Windows, VR devices and the just-released Mac version. We are also working fast and furious to add the features we know we all need, including the Team Space and the Virtual Auditorium.

Let’s work and learn from home as much as humanly possible and unitedly stop this virus in its tracks.

Your fellow member of humanity,

Richard B. Platt – CEO

The Workplace of the Future is Here

Productivity, Collaboration, Teaming and Presenting – all wrapped up in the vSpatial Workspace

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Productivity (On Virtual Steroids)

Infinite (almost) Monitors, Cloud Compute and Storage, Immersive 3D data

Collaboration (With the Team or Anybody)

Enhanced Security, Scheduled and Ad-hoc Meetings


Voice AI Messaging, Virtual Presence, 3D Messaging (Coming Soon)


Multi-presenter, Automatic Auditorium Sizing, Best seat-in-the-house (Coming Soon)