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vSpatial is an immersive workspace that connects users to their computer applications and coworkers in an amazing way that makes their jobs easier and more delightful.

vSpatial leverages the magic of VR and makes it possible for all participants in a meeting to easily share multiple applications with each other all at the same time. This all happens simply and seamlessly, with the voice conversation moving to the next level with intuitive controls and crystal clear spatial audio. Collaboration has now become more efficient and effective saving our users time, money and frustration.

Quotable from Richard Platt, vSpatial’s Founder and CEO

Not a single legacy solution today comes close to balancing the three legs of collaboration nirvana; namely, a) the natural feeling of an in-person meeting, b) the simplicity and efficiency of the telephone, and c) the unfulfilled promise of effective remote working.  When we’re not saying, ‘Can you hear me?’, or ‘Can you see this?’, we’re complaining about the waste of time and high cost of travel, bad networks, and resource constraints (‘Who forgot to book the conference room?’).

vSpatial the Company is a team of telecommunications, network cloud, and virtual reality experts who have felt the pain and are passionate about healing the communication wounds.  vSpatial the App is our creation and our cure. No more video conferencing snake oil! vSpatial is the delightful melding of immersive virtuality, spatial sound, and a network cloud that actually works—from anywhere—for free. We don’t settle for legacy solutions and neither should any business.

$4,300,00 in Funding

$4,300,000 from angel investors in 2017-2020. The financing has fueled the launch of vSpatial’s new Immersive Workspace and will be used to further enhance the development and marketing of the product and grow the company’s talented team.

Application Pictures

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Unlimited Screens

Run Any App in VR

Slack Integration

Window Management

Integrated 360 Media Player

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Long Banner (3000 X 900)

Mini Banner (1080 X 360)

Tall Banner (2560 X 1440)

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Are you ready for the virtual reality workspace revolution?
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vSpatial consists of 14 people with over 140 years of combined experience in the telecommunications and technology industries.  Here are the senior members.

Richard Platt

Richard Platt

Founder and CEO

Platt was the technical founder of Selsius Systems which was acquired by Cisco Systems in 1998 for about $150M. Under his engineering leadership at Cisco, these original Selsius products became the Cisco Call Manager and Cisco IP Phone lines which today are a multi-billion dollar business for Cisco. Richard went on to function as a VP/GM at Cisco for a new business venture focused on small business products which he helped grow from $0 to $200M over 3 years. Richard is an author/co-author of many patents in the field of networking and communications.
David Tucker

David Tucker

Co-Founder and Board Member

Tucker was the co-founder of Selsius Systems and as its CEO guided it through a successful acquisition by Cisco where he functioned as a vice-president. He is recognized throughout the industry as an expert in telecommunications, IP networking infrastructures, sales and marketing, and building profitable business models. David is an innovative and highly focused technology business leader who assembles and leads top talent to leverage technology transitions and winning business value.
Michael Sharp

Michael Sharp

Board Member

Michael is a co-founder of Jive Communications and as its Chief Operations Officer and Chief Product Officer helped guide it through startup to a successful acquisition by LogMeIn. He is known as a brilliant and committed innovator in unified communications. Michael has a knack for quickly analyzing complex problems to determine what’s at issue and then making decisions that bring positive change in the future.
In addition to this talented board, the rest of the vSpatial Team is comprised of the brightest minds in the virtual reality world today.

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