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vSpatial Offers Virtual Reality Personal Productivity Platform

by | Jun 23, 2017

vSpatial, a company focused on using virtual reality to increase productivity, is poised to release a virtual reality application that allows users to create unlimited screens in a virtual reality workspace. vSpatial’s vision is to provide an environment that changes how and where we traditionally work and play.

“With the introduction of virtual reality, we are no longer limited to what we can see on 2D screens and expensive monitors.”

The up-and-coming tech startup vSpatial describes their product this way: “With the introduction of VR (virtual reality) we are no longer limited to what we can see on 2D screens and expensive monitors. We can now create full virtual workspaces that allow countless screens and applications with no additional cost. More than that, we can now interact with data and our work in ways never before possible. We are excited to enable this type of productivity for users not just in the office, but anywhere they want to work.”

vSpatial focuses on using virtual reality in the business environment. The virtual workspace become the users personal office, where files can be quickly accessed and used in virtual space. In addition to this workspace, vSpatial is building powerful applications for the VR office space that allow users to interact with data in a way that was never before possible.

vSpatial will be launching a public beta in August of 2017 using the Facebook Oculus platform. Oculus powers notable technology such as the Gear VR and Rift. vSpatial offers a simple set-up, user friendly controls and a collaborative, productive environment.

A History of Success

vSpatial is the brain-child of Richard Platt and David Tucker, impressive minds that also brought you Selsius Systems, acquired by Cisco Systems in 1998 as the first VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) enterprise system on the market. The Selsius acquisition launched Cisco into the leader position in enterprise communications.

Richard Platt, co-founder and CEO of vSpatial, is an author and co-author of many patents in areas such as communications and networking.

David Tucker, chairman of the board and co-founder of vSpatial is an expert in telecommunications and a leader of top-talent, creating opportunities for the tech world that have a worldwide reach.

Pascal Menezes, a member of vSpatial’s Board of Directors, is a proven technology thought leader, sales evangelist, product manager and seasoned IP architect with close to 30 years of experience in internetworking, next-generation information systems, and communication architectures where he holds several patents and has started several successful companies.

John Sallaway, co-founder and COO of vSpatial, began with a successful career in law where he used his entrepreneurial spirit to become a managing partner of a Dallas based law firm. Within this firm, he was able to grow from 15 attorneys to 60 within three years, increasing the firm’s annual revenue ten-fold.