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OUR VISION:  “Help Humanity Work from Anywhere”


What We Believe

While we love the work that we do and the benefits it brings others, we also love our own personal and family time and are passionate about our products reducing time and increasing productivity in the one (work) in order to give more to the other (self and family).  We also believe in the positive environmental effect of reducing or eliminating the commute for millions of workers as well as the positive societal effect of enabling work options for the forgotten millions who are tied to their homes for health or family reasons.

 What We Make

We build the software for the virtual remote workplace of the future.  That virtual workplace replaces the drab brick and mortar offices and cubicles so despised by today’s office workers.  It combines a mobile Virtual Reality or Mixed Reality headset with Cloud-based virtual rooms and virtual machines to create an immersive experience unlike any other–from anywhere.  Our creation–the vSpatial Workplace consists of four key functions: 1) PRODUCTIVITY, 2) COLLABORATION, 3) TEAMING, and 4) PRESENTING.  Each of these functions is a unique immersive experience when compared to their traditional counterparts.


  • Ditch the monitor with its tiny application windows for a carousel of monitors each with its own application.
  • Ditch two-dimensional presentations for immersive three-dimensional ones where it’s possible to “dive” into the data.
  • Ditch the physical computers and laptops for cloud compute and data as if there were a giant supercomputer connected to the Mobile-VR headset.


  • Ditch drab video conferencing collaboration for immersive collaboration where participants are virtually all in the same exotic location surrounded by and immersed into shared 2D and 3D data.
  • Ditch mono and confusing audio for full spatial audio. Each participant has their own location in the virtual room just like real life.
  • Ditch the single monitor collaboration experience for a full-sized virtual room—just like real life.


  • Ditch miniscule presence indicators for full team room presence—just like real life. Except now it is possible to truly create a “cone of privacy” for those moments when you are deep in thought.
  • Ditch boring messaging with its dull text and typing for AI-assisted messaging. Queries range from urgent spoken ones (e.g. “Hey John!”) to the more trivial text-from-speech ones (e.g. “When you get a chance…”).
  • Go beyond simple URL messaging inclusions to full-on 3D types that are both immersive and secure.


  • Ditch the expensive auditoriums in expensive places for beautiful virtual auditoriums with auto-sizing.
  • Ditch the last row for the best seat in the house right up front.
  • Ditch the standup mic for teleportation to the front to ask or present.
  • Ditch the restrictions of large classrooms for flexible private team collaboration within virtual auditoriums