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June 12, 2018
Provo, Utah

The “Father of VoIP”, Richard Platt, worked in enterprise communications for over 30 years. He played a critical role in the creation of the first commercially available IP phone in the mid-1990s which triggered the evolution from traditional phones to the next generation of internet-connected phones. His company, Selsius Systems, was acquired by Cisco and with Platt at the development helm this IP phone and Call Manager software became a full-fledged communications product which today is a multi-billion-dollar business for Cisco.

A departure from Cisco and one networking company later, Platt, always one to look toward the future, was following what was happening with VR in 2015 and saw the potential for another evolution – this time not just an evolution in communications but an evolution of the entire workplace.  He foresaw a future where the immersive nature of virtual reality would transform the way people work.  No longer would a person be limited to the 2-D world of a phone, tablet or laptop screen.  No longer would conference calls immediately lose every bit of their productive steam with questions like, “Can you stop sharing so I can share?”  Leveraging the immersive magic of VR, a remote worker could have as many monitors in their VR office as they’d like – no physical monitors required.  They wouldn’t be reading their data on a 2-D screen, they’d be swimming through it in 3-D, completely immersed in its intricacies like Tony Stark in Iron Man.  They’d do all this while 100% engaged in conversation with spatial sound and a feeling of presence that would have users convinced that they were in the same room with their co-workers.

With these ideas in mind, Platt got together with Selsius co-founder, David Tucker, and started talking with the some of the most experienced and passionate people he knew as well as the next generation of creative minds.  Today he has assembled a dream team with over 200 years of collective experience in telecommunications, networking, cloud and virtual reality – a level of experience unparalleled in the VR industry, even at the largest companies. Together they are bringing you vSpatial, the workplace of the future.

vSpatial CEO, John Sallaway shared his excitement about the future of work and the role virtual reality will play in the professional lives of the up-and-coming workforce:

“Young professionals place a high value on the ability to work flexibly and remotely but also in having a sense of purpose and connection with their co-workers.  In virtual reality those two priorities are no longer in conflict. The future of work will allow people to have immersive collaborative experiences with a tangible sense of presence from anywhere in the world and we are excited to be a part of bringing that opportunity to the workforce of the future.”

Imagine a young rural family physician who could use the 2nd opinion of another practitioner, but time and distance make that possibility little more than a phone call or at best a 2-dimensional experience with a legacy video conferencing solution.  In virtual reality, because sharing is not limited to one screen at a time, these two doctors can now instantly and simultaneously share multiple patient charts while they also interact with a 3-dimensional image, perhaps an MRI or CT scan.  Meanwhile, they are experiencing immersive spatial audio that complements the interaction perfectly.  In this, and thousands of use cases just like this, the immersive nature of VR will revolutionize how we get work done – we will be quicker, more profitable and most importantly better at our jobs.

Like every truly revolutionary idea, it will take a legendary team to make it happen.  The vSpatial team, with their experience, passion and creativity are perfectly poised to lead the way into the future of work.  The future is now!

Interested in learning more? Check out to see demos, join the beta group, join our announcement list, or even hop in a VR meeting with a member of the team and talk about how you might introduce VR conferencing to your organization.