The vSpatial Workplace–Productivity Functionality


The Productivity module of the vSpatial Workplace is the foundation upon which all other modules rest.  It provides user functionality in the Workplace including:

  • Access to connected, remote or virtual machine desktops via a Canopy
  • A Carousel of workspaces either traditional desktop apps or 3D apps
  • A Visor for pinning apps for easy access
  • A Focus Mode for interacting in an immersive manner with a single application
  • Various utility applications (settings, weather, work-relief mini-games, cameras, etc.)
  • Input capabilities including: controllers,  a virtual keyboard, voice navigation, and the physical keyboard/mouse


  • Carousel of Monitors and Apps
  • Visor of post-it like app panels
  • Canopy of connected PCs and VMs
  • Physical keyboard/mouse support
  • Changeable environments
  • 3D Data and API support



The workspaces are configurable spaces appropriate for the type of work.

  • Private (A space configured by and belonging to an individual)
  • Focus (A space with a singular view of data–without all the distractions)
  • Team (A collection of Private Workspaces that are semi-visible to one another–administered by a team owner)
  • Auditorium (A one-to-many space–administered by the presenter)

Private Workspace Elements

  • Canopy (A collection of attached and remote compute/storage devices including Virtual Machines)
  • Visor (A post-it-note like collection of application windows)
  • Teaming (A messaging/presence summary view)
  • Collaboration (An area for visitors and their data meeting in an ad-hoc meeting)
  • Carousel (Main application interaction area)


The Carousel is the main area of productivity.  It has the following features:

  • 2D and 3D panels arranged in a circle around the user
  • 2D panels used to represent applications that come from an attached or network-connected workstation.  Each panel represents one application from the connected or virtual monitor.
  • 3D panels are two-part: a) 2D panel for information and control, and b) a slot for the represented 3D data
  • Carousel rotation (instead of turning the head, the user can rotate panels into view)
  • Carousel sizing (the carousel can grow for better viewing, or shrink for Collaboration focus)
  • Panel resolution (480p, 720p [default], and 1080p resolutions)
  • Controller/virtual keyboard panel input
  • Physical mouse/keyboard panel input


The Canopy is a collection of connected work devices including the following:

Within each collection are mini-panels for each application on the connected work device.  Individual panels may be pulled into the Carousel or Visor.  Additionally, the entire connected work device can be pulled into the Carousel with each mini-panel taking up a full-sized slot in the Carousel.


The Visor is a short-cut area for applications.  It acts like a post-it-note repository for applications (2D or 3D) for easy access.  Data is updated infrequently and is too small for meaningful work.  However, some of the built-in applets are designed especially for the Visor, including Weather, Webcam, etc.

Applications are moved between the Carousel and the Visor using the grip button on the controller or left-clicking on the application tab with the mouse.