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Hey there vSpatial-ers! Our latest release has dropped on the Oculus store for you!  Thank you for your feedback and ideas. You help keep us on our toes, and for that, you deserve a virtual cookie. There are tons of updates behinds the scenes and a few big ones for you, our users.  Here are some highlights.

Desktop Camera

We know how scary it can be when someone sneaks up on you while you are working in vSpatial.  Now you can turn on your desktop camera and see yourself in your physical environment.

Click on the more  button in your tablet and then the camera icon to turn it on and off.

ProTip: Try pointing your webcam at your keyboard if you are one of those typing a lot in vSpatial.  That way you can see your keyboard and locate your fingers easier. 

Dual-Handed Typing

We know that being able to type in vSpatial is critical so we are continuing to iterate on our keyboard. You asked for it, and now you can use both laser pointers to type in addition to typing by hitting your fists on the keys.

Weather Application

We’ve rolled out our first native vSpatial app (meaning you don’t need a computer to run this). It is a super awesome weather app. Click the “Add Screen”button and go to the top row to launch it and find out what is happening in the real world.

Pop-Up Menu Above Screens

Being able to navigate quickly around your work environment is critical.  We’ve added a quick hover menu that shows up above the screens to make it easy to resize, minimize, maximize and close.

Here are some of the other things we’ve updated to make your experience better:

  • We’re now compatible with Oculus’ Dash update.
  • Audio & mic switches to VR headset when headset is on, and switches back to defaults when taken off.
  • Many squashed bugs for improved stability. (There were a lot of guts, you guys. Glad our devs made it through.)

As we are early access, we LOVE feedback, so please continue to send us a note on bugs you find or improvements you would like to see on our support page here: