Combat Remote Work Distractions with VR

by | Jun 29, 2017

Company deadlines, budget discussions, and strategy meetings cannot wait. Whether you are a remote team, or a company who relies on video and phone conferences often, meetings are important, no matter the form.

Phone and video conferencing however, comes with its own set of issues, including distractions. It is easy to mute or minimize long enough to scroll through social media, check your email or finish that last level of Candy Crush, while completely missing what information is being discussed.

But don’t worry, there is a new way to keep your team alert and engaged in the conversation. Virtual reality allows for a hyper-focused environment that can become just like your office.  vSpatial, a virtual reality app, provides a productivity-based environment to help maximize your time.


The Problem with Phone and Video Conferencing

The problem with phone and video conferencing rests in its inability to fully immerse you, regardless of your current environment. At home, you might see the laundry piling up in the corner or that tempting new magazine issue on the table.  Your meeting has to compete with a lot going on in the background and most times it loses the battle raging for your attention.

In addition, phone and video conferencing can be set to the side or even muted.  All without the other parties knowing what is happening on the other side of the screen. The brain is occupied elsewhere as other desktop windows take precedence.  This is not the best solution for successful business meetings.  However, with the use of virtual reality, the meeting experience is immersive by nature.


The Solution

Virtual reality allows for your team to engage with one another, as if they are in the same room.  Your team members will become less sidetracked with other tasks, thanks to the many tools VR has in place.

VR uses real-time tracking and monitoring, no matter where you are during the meeting. If you disappear from the conversation, your virtual self does too. It is as if you have walked out of the office door, leaving your partners in the dust.

Virtual reality is the place for engagement and sharing. When using a virtual device, whether a headset or another piece of technology, it is almost impossible to do something else at the same time. VR headsets will require your team’s full attention.

Keeping distractions at bay is just one of the many benefits of professional work in a virtual space.  You can combat distraction by trying VR out with your team, whether remotely or on site.