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Meet with your Team in Virtual Reality with vSpatial

Meet with your Team in Virtual Reality with vSpatial

The vSpatial team is distributed across the United States, but we work together and meet from all these different places in virtual reality every day!  Meetings in VR are unlike anything you have ever experienced.  We have been meeting in VR for some time and last week we rolled this feature out to our users in our latest release.  Here is an overview of some of the major features for you!

1) Share Unlimited Screens with your Team Member in VR Meetings

You can now start a call with any of the members of your team using the tablet.  Here is a video introduction to getting going with this feature and starting a call and sharing your screens with one another.

Meeting in VR is better than traditional video conference meetings because you are IMMERSED in the meeting and every person can share up to 4 screens at a time.  With 4 users in a call you can all view 16 screens at a time.  Anything even close to this in real life would cost tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.  In addition to that every team member has the best seat in the house where they can supersize what is shared to fit your desires.  No more trying squinting at a full screen and still not being able to see the excel spreadsheet report.

In addition to the best seat in the house when you are in a VR meeting you really feel like you are with your colleagues.  This feeling of presence helps us to be more productive than anything else we have ever experienced.  Our users tell us is just something you need to see and try for yourself.  It’s incredible.

2) Virtual Reality Slack Integration

Here at vSpatial we are huge Slack fans and users.  There are over 9 million other weekly slack users in 50,000 teams around the world.  As we got going on this team meeting feature we knew we had to build our first integration around slack.  Now users can log into their slack account from directly within the vSpatial app using the profile icon on the tablet.  From here users can call other members of their slack team directly from vSpatial to initiate the call.  Users can also initiate calls from the channel directly within the app.

3) Move Screens Around with “Grip Grab”

Anytime you are working with unlimited screens you have to have an easy way to manage and work with all those screens.  One of our most requested features (we hear you!) was the ability to move around screens.  With that in mind we are thrilled to introduce the “grip grab” feature for each screen in virtual reality.  To use this feature simply point your raycaster (pointer) to a screen you want to move. Then press the grip button on your controller (your middle finger on the Oculus Rift) and you’ll see the screen shrink toward your hand.  Keep holding the grip down and point to where you want the screen to go.  When you let go the screen will instantly go there.

What do you think of the latest version of vSpatial?  Have you tried a call yet?  Let us know what you think!