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Beta Release 1.0


vSpatial’s goal is to redefine our work spaces and how we use our time productively. The day will come when we will all work remotely in virtual spaces that not only make us more productive, but bring us together like never before.

The first step toward that reality is to create a space where we can work with the productivity applications we use now and start to take advantage of virtual space. vSpatial is an evolution of a computer reimagined for virtual reality, not simply a clone of our current workspace.


Unlimited Screens and Applications

No longer limited to physical monitors to be productive. vSpatial allows users access their desktop and applications within VR, each in their own virtual monitor that can be placed all around the user. Additionally, users can move the screens around a carousel with a flick of the joystick, or grab and move them by hand.

Easily Read and Interact with Text

One of the problems with VR has been the ability to read text. vSpatial’s default font size makes it easy to read and interact with emails, documents and other business data. It also includes simple zoom features that allow the user to change the font size with a click of a button to make it larger.

Make Your Space Yours

One of the most important things to help get work done is making the space your own. Customize the
environment and data viewing to best fit for comfort, usability and desire.


  • Personal & private room
  • Infinite application windows
  • Carousel app viewer
  • Tablet to manage input
  • Interact with your applications
  • Customizable environment
  • Intuitive files and program navigation
  • Interactive Help
  • In-app feedback
  • Position Re-center
  • Spatial audio

Recommended Processor

Intel i5-4590 equivalent or greater

Recommended Memory

8 GB

Recommended Graphics Card

NVIDIA GTX 1060 / Radeon RX 580 equivalent or greater

Required Hardware

Oculus Rift +
Touch Controllers



Multiple-monitor setups are no longer needed with our infinite screen carousel. Open, modify, interact, and view any application from your desktop inside our personal work space. Your room is setup for you automatically with your open applications.

  • Organize and order your screens quickly and easily
  • Navigate to files additional you need
  • Set the views that work best for you


All the control in one place. Place it where you want, call it to you or leave it docked. It’s up to you.

  • Full keyboard dual input
  • Resize windows
  • Interactive help
  • View full desktop
  • Open and close apps
  • Provide feedback
  • Customize your view: Re-center & background
  • File/Program navigation via the vNavigator


Experience maximum productivity with our various options to interact with your work. Interact with your applications, data, and content however best suits your needs. Focus mode lets you get upfront and personal. With only one screen visible, you are free from distractions. You are the one in control with the options to bring the screen as close as you like or extend out to get the full view. Three levels of zoom. With a simple click of a button you can zoom in 2 additional levels in both focus & carousel mode. This allows for optimal use and readability.

Carousel Space
Zoom x 1
Zoom x 2
Focus Space