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Empowering everyone with the workplace to work how and where they want


We care a lot about our personal productivity and collaboration, but we also care a lot about having a good work-life balance. We built vSpatial as the workplace of the future that allows us to have the best of both worlds. Getting your best productivity setup with lots of monitors while co-located with your team no longer requires a 45-minute car commute and expensive office space.  Instead, pop on your AR/VR headset and be there instantly.


Meet with Your Team from Anywhere Without Sacrificing Productivity

Traditional video conferencing has become the norm over the last couple decades, but not much has changed. We’re still plagued with issues such as connectivity, hardware configuration, and ease of use. Teams are more engaged and issues are mitigated when all are in the same virtual space. vSpatial gives teams the ability to engage in ad-hoc or planned meetings while giving enhanced presence and social cues, advanced sharing, and a user experience that eliminates the technical issues associated with legacy video conferencing.

Mobile Benefits, Desktop Capabilities, and 3D Data Visualization

Laptops and smartphones have changed how and where we’ve been able to work, but at the cost of quality and efficiency. Mobile devices enable instant email access, messaging, emails and documents, at the expense of short responses, limited data entry, and non-existent document sharing.  Keyboards and screen sizes limit the user experience.  Laptops are reduced-sized desktops with reduced capabilities (one small screen, limited compute and storage) and not near as portable as the smart phone. vSpatial users get the benefits of mobility with the capabilities of a full desktop experience.  Furthermore, the vSpatial workplace introduces 3D data visualization/editing – a capability lacking on other legacy solutions.

Virtual Monitors, Virtual Machines, Virtual Spaces

The vSpatial Workplace allows the creation of private productivity rooms, team spaces, and auditoriums all customized to the individual’s or team’s specifications. Virtual monitors are created for each desktop app. Compute and storage are truly cloud-based in the form of virtual machines and accessible securely, simply, and safely.


Recommended Processor

Intel i5-4590 equivalent or greater

Recommended Memory

8 GB

Recommended Graphics Card

NVIDIA GTX 1060 / Radeon RX 580 equivalent or greater

Compatible Headsets:

Oculus Rift & Rift S
HTC Vive & Vive Pro
Windows MR (requires Steam)

Coming Soon:
Oculus GO & Quest
HTC Vive Focus & Focus+



Connect with your slack team directly within vSpatial and start an immersive VR meeting.
  • Full integration with Slack workspace. See all your channels and contacts.
  • Access all your computer programs in the meeting easily share them with a click of a button.
  • Team members can view others shared content in full or supersized screens.
  • Spatial audio in the meeting makes it feel like you are together in a physical room.


Multiple-monitor setups are no longer needed with our infinite screen carousel. New to this release is the “Visor”. Place up to 8 screens in an orderly grid where you can keep an eye on all the action. Open, modify, interact, and view any application from your desktop inside our personal work space. Your room is setup for you automatically with your open applications.
  • Organize and order your screens quickly and easily
  • Navigate to additional programs you need
  • Set the views that work best for you


All the control in one place. Place it where you want, call it to you or leave it docked. It’s up to you.
  • Full keyboard dual input
  • Resize windows
  • Interactive help
  • View full desktop
  • Open and close apps
  • Privacy camera
  • Provide feedback
  • Customize your view: Re-center & background scene
  • File/Program navigation via the vNavigator
  • Interactive tutorials
  • And much more…..


Experience maximum productivity with our various options to interact with your colleagues and work. Interact with applications, data, and content however best suits your needs. Focus mode lets you get upfront and personal. With only one screen visible, you are free from distractions. You are the one in control with the options to bring the screen as close as you like or extend out to get the full view. Three levels of zoom. With a simple click of a button you can zoom in 2 additional levels in both focus & carousel mode. This allows for optimal use and readability.
Carousel Space
Zoom x 1
Zoom x 2
Focus Space